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Welcome to the Dufftown Community website

We’ve created this website with the community and for the community, to provide a transparent platform to co-ordinate activity and support future community developments. Find out more about our heritage and vision below.

Dufftown of the past

Was a industrious town, with a dominance of quarries, distilleries and supporting businesses.

Dufftown Today

While still built upon its numerous distilleries, Dufftown has a significant tourism industry built upon whisky and diversifying  to meet the needs of the next generation of tourists.

Dufftown’s Future

As Dufftown transitions into THE destination for Scotch whisky in Scotland, the economy will continue to grow, accommodating more non-whisky tourism and a flurishing centre of outdoor activities.

Discover our Core Pillars

The DDCA delivers it's activities under 6 sub groups. Please take a moment to discover their meaning.

A vibrant community with amenities for all

Locals know that there is plenty to do in Dufftown, not only will we share this with all, we will enhance and develop more amenities.

To create a thriving community, we need to be a successful charity

The DDCA will develop a sustainable community business model that generates profit to be reinvested into our charitable purposes.

Creating a fairer community by relieving poverty

Food, Heat, IT and Broadband are accessible and usable by all.

We will unlock competitive advantages by nurturing hidden talent

By leading the community in Dufftown and becoming the best example of community activity in Moray, we will nourish a thriving community full of passionate people.

Empowering the community to consider broader horizons  

By encouraging the community to consider broader horizons, Dufftown & District’s voice will be heard in all forums.

Protecting the past and creating the future are in balance

We use every opportunity to celebrate our past while seizing  opportunities to build a brighter future.

Meet the team

The DDCA team are at the heart of driving the vision of the association. With a range of skills and experiences, these residents dedicate lots of time to ensure the future success of the DDCA and the area of Dufftown & District.

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News and Blog

Leading with a fresh approach to community development, the DDCA hope to use this platform to foster a more inclusive future for our community. We hope to be sharing more of our news and activity along with the news from other community groups.

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